About My Blog

Welcome to the home of The Thoughtful Blogger, a space for good books and intermittent reflection. I love writing about ideas and about the multitude of stories that populate our world, and I aim to do this with the same care that I devote to writing novels. If you subscribe to this blog, your mailbox won’t be flooded with rambling thoughts. I write only when I have something to say, and I try to keep it brief.  Hopefully, some of my quirky book choices will open your eyes to the stories you see and hear and witness every day.

I began this blog in order to publish the book reviews aired on my podcast Words To Go (www.wordstogopodcast.com) which celebrates the work of little-known but exceptional writers. Yet with my background in broadcast journalism, I’ve begun to reflect on stories that are profound or overlooked. These range from the incidental (two brilliant New York City musicians playing for an audience of seven) to the tragic (the murder of a ten year-old child in Arizona). I look upon our world as an imaginative writer does —  a place of events rich in metaphor and symbolic value. At the same time, I’m rooted both by training and study in the real details of things that matter to all of us.

It’s out of both myth and reality that we tell our stories. They honour our humanity, and the way in which we construct our stories gives shape and contour to our lives. We tell stories to find out who we are, both as individuals and as a community. I hope you’ll join me in this episodic journey with comments and feedback, with reflections and stories of your own.

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