It’s Moving Day for Thoughtful B.

long-distance-moving-companiesWe’re on the move! Today is Thoughtful B’s last post at this location. The blog has just moved into newer, roomier quarters at her brand-new  website at (click on the “blogs” tab).  All previous blogs will be there (although the cyber-movers will still be at work hanging pictures on their bare “walls” for the next little while). And while this current site will remain in place for another year, there will be no new postings at this location.

Attention, Followers: We don’t want to lose you! But if you want to continue to receive this blog in your email, you’ll have to sign up again. It’s easy —  just go to, click on the “Blogs” tab, and fill in the email form in the right-hand column.

Knowing that so many of you are reading and responding to these posts makes writing them a wonderful experience. There’s more in store that you won’t want to miss — reviews of new books overlooked by mainstream media, and a whole range of considered opinions, thoughtfully expressed (at least Thoughtful B. thinks so).

And when you’re done reading, please visit and enjoy the new website. See you there!


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