Writer’s “Detox” Time

My periodic absence from the blog this spring owes much to the fact that life has gone from hectic to Borderline Bananas. So now that it’s summer — and my favourite season — it’s time to yank out the keyboard for real, toss the mouse to the cat, chuck the e-toys and drive straight for the shore with a crate of beach blankets and real old-fashioned books. I’m off for a few weeks of vacation — sun, sand, fine wine and buckets of clams. Some call it Writer’s Detox; I call it heaven. Hopefully, I’ll be back with lots of good reads  from the magical land of No Distraction.

Hope your summer includes loads of great reading and good times — and that wherever you are, you’ll unplug, cool down and enjoy some peace and quiet.



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4 responses to “Writer’s “Detox” Time

  1. I may be following in your footsteps. There’s just something about summer that makes me want to play hookey. Enjoy your hiatus and don’t forget the sunblock!

  2. Kim

    Bravo! Our fast-paced, computer-driven lives need not rule us. Live is to be lived and enjoyed. Enjoy your time.

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