First Day of Autumn

Dear reader, this is a poem for our time, as well as for our season.


The name — of it — is “Autumn” —
The hue — of it — is Blood —
An Artery — upon the hill —
A Vein — along the road —

Great Globules — in the Alleys —
And oh, the Shower of Stain —
When Winds — upset the Basin —
And spill the Scarlet Rain —

It sprinkles Bonnets — far below —
It gathers ruddy Pools —
Then — eddies like a Rose — away —
Upon Vermillion Wheels —

                          — Emily Dickinson



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2 responses to “First Day of Autumn

  1. Everything is moving in this poem, painting a wonderful picture. I like the way it reads aloud.

  2. So do I. Apparently she wrote it in 1862, in response to the battle of Antietam in the Civil War.

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